How to make sustainable purchasing decisions

By itself, the concept of developing sustainable purchasing behavior is a learning process for many people. With many of the trending sustainable choices, you can start a sustainable cart easily – and it will for the long run. We have put together some sustainable tips from the experts so you can easily create a more sustainable cart.

  1. Prioritize climate neutral brands

When choosing a product, it is always best to choose one from a brand that has sustainable supply chains and products that are carbon neutral.

  1. Change your attitude to shipping

Find an e-commerce partner who ships the product you want to purchase carbon neutrally. When making a brick-and-mortar purchase, be sure to calculate your travel distance and use an emission calculator to offset your emission.

  1. Avoid unnecessary returns

Whenever possible, it is good and environmentally friendly to avoid unnecessarily returning items and to ensure that you upcycle them with minor variations.

  1. Buy quality over quantity

When it comes to quality and sustainability, a cheaper high-street product that doesn’t meet all your needs is likely to cost you more than one of better quality and higher sustainability.

  1. Shop online over bricks-and-mortar

Buying online instead of in-store can reduce emissions from scope 3 of customer transportation, showroom emissions, which are comparatively higher than freight-based emissions from individual eCommerce product shipments.

There has never been a better time for us to adopt green and sustainable shopping habits than now, when we are under increasing pressure to protect the planet’s scarce natural resources.

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