What is a  no reserve auction?

No reserve auctions offer chance of real bargains

There are many online auctions in America but not all are the same.

Many will protect the seller by having a reserve price to avoid an item being sold for a very low price. The reserve price means that if bidding does not reach a certain amount set by the seller, the item will not be sold. This prevents buyers from getting a real bargain and protects the seller from getting a very low price for something.

However, there are some auctions where there is no reserve price. This is sometimes called an absolute auction or a no reserve auction.

For many bidders this is more attractive as it means that they have the possibility of picking up a real bargain with some great auction deals.

From the seller’s perspective, they may feel that this will attract more bidders.

At gsmauctioncity.com, all of the liquidation inventory is listed with no reserve prices and the starting price is always $2 for everything across all the categories whether it is electronics, toys, tools, beauty, health, home and many others.

So whether you live in Nevada, California, Arizona or any other US State,  there is the chance to pick up some of the best auction deals in America and beat consumer inflation by bidding in no reserve online auctions.

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