Tips on buying liquidation pallets

Online retail has exploded through the pandemic resulting in many changing the way that they buy merchandise. While this has generally been a good thing for retailers, it also comes with a few problems, namely returns and overstocks. Retailers need to find a way to liquidate this stock ie turn it into money. So liquidated stock is simply what they do with unsold, returned or slightly damaged merchandise.

Many people in the trade recognise this as an opportunity to remove this headache from the retailer by buying the stock at a low price and then reselling at a profit to consumers. This process is known as retail arbitrage. For many, it is a way to develop an income stream or a ‘side hustle’.

How you can buy liquidation pallets

Global Sustainable Markets connects traders with the retailers wanting to liquidate this stock. We deal with top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target etc and offer heavily discounted inventory. We often sell the items individually but sometimes we offer people the chance to buy in bulk, either by the pallet or truck load. This offers the trader to make profit by selling the items individually.

What you need to consider before buying pallets for resale

You will need to register on our platforms before you start the bidding process. You are responsible as the buyer to do your own due diligence and comply with federal and state laws. You can visit your own state’s Department of Revenue to learn more about resale certificates.

Choose a category of goods

Most resellers will choose a category of goods that they have some knowledge of before. So decide what you know most about and stick to that, whether it is toys, electronics, appliances, beauty, health and fitness, tools, home and kitchen or something else entirely.

Where to buy pallets

We offer pallets of merchandise for sale in two main ways: Auction or buy-it-now price. Both offer the chance to get inventory at huge discounts which provides the potential of margin when reselling.

Make sure you know the condition of stock

There are lots of different types of grades of stock. Make sure that you have confidence in the seller that they are grading stock correctly.

What you need to consider before buying a pallet

One of the practical issues to consider is to make sure that you have the space to store your merchandise if you successfully buy a pallet or even truckload (up to 26 pallets) of merchandise. For many traders, buying single pallets makes this a lot easier to manage. The standard US pallet size is 48inx40in and will take up about 14 sq ft of floor space. You will also need space to unpack, itemise and store the inventory to get it organised for resale.

The key questions that you need to consider are:

  • Is the merchandise from the category I want?
  • Is the inventory at the right grade for the market I am targeting?
  • What are the shipping options and what is the cost?
  • Are all items listed in manifest?
  • What is the retail price of all the items?
  • How is the pallet being sold? Ie buy it now or auction
  • Do I need help unloading the pallet?
  • Where will I store the pallet and do I have space to unpack, itemise and organise?

Once you have successfully taken delivery, you can start getting ready for resale.

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