Buy Out of Season for Best Liquidation Deals

Shop out of season to get best deals

If you want to be a frugal money saver, it’s always best to swim against the tide.

You can go with the flow but as a consumer that will always mean spending more. Companies hike up prices when customer demand is at its highest; toys for Christmas, turkey for Thanksgiving, flights for vacation season, taxis straight after a concert or a sports game.

There’s now even surge pricing mechanisms to ramp up prices for such peak periods. For companies selling goods and services at such peak times it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, with consumers paying market premiums amid fierce competition and demand. This is a game of shopping snakes and ladders and you can play it to beat the squeeze on record consumer inflation.

If you want to spend smart, you’ll need to search out the best frugal deals. This means using shopping tactics in the opposite direction from the masses and the best way to do so is to buy out of season to get the best bargain deals.

I have saved thousands of pounds by buying out of season to get the best hot deals and liquidation bargains. Examples are buying ski gear in the height of summer, buying a winter coat in April, home DiY materials in December (no one wants to start ripping the house apart before Christmas!) and Christmas decorations in January. You’ll likely get up to 50% off the retail price at these times on such seasonal clearances in-store or online from retailers but there are ways to get even bigger liquidation deal bargains.

But that’s not the end of the story or the final part of the snakes and ladders shopping game. So what happens to excess inventory after this and how do retailers sell their excess inventory?

Retailers sell only a proportion of their end-of-line seasonal stock themselves but when they can’t move all their excess inventory this way, they turn to liquidation dealers to do it for them. Retailers have to move what is left of their old season inventory out of their warehouses to make room for new seasonal stock lines otherwise they’d run out of space. This is where you’ll find the biggest liquidation bargains – in the liquidation clearance secondary market.

Daily deals liquidations are sold either offline through discount store chain networks or traditional live auctions or online through wholesale trade platforms, e-commerce discount platforms or dealer liquidation online auctions. There are many liquidators out there, many proposing to offer hot deals & liquidations (please link to blog below).

You can adopt the same method to get the best frugal deals from liquidation dealers – using the shopping snakes and ladders approach, by dropping down the next level. You can buy now on Liquidation e-commerce clearance sites, like Deal City or scour liquidation online auctions for out of season product bargains.

Always make sure these are no reserve online auctions, so there is every chance of getting the biggest bargain to be the best frugal money saver, and shipping is provided. You will pay an auction buyer’s premium at the auction check-out but the total amount payable should always be a big saving on the original retail price.

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