How to buy Amazon returns

Getting your hands on Amazon returns and overstocks is a great way to make a profit. Buying a pallet or, in some cases, a truckload of merchandise is a liquidation buyer’s dream come true. You will find everything imaginable in mixed lot liquidation auctions or you can focus on a narrower product range.

Where do Amazon returns go?

As more and more people are choosing to buy retail products online, the number of returns have also increased.

Many retailers, like Amazon, make it easy for customers to return goods that are no longer needed. Up to 30% of all goods purchased online get returned. A lot of these returned products end up on the secondary market.

The Secondary Market – What Is It?

Well, if you consider front-line retail sales as the primary market, then the secondary market is where excess new products, nearly new and used products end up for resale.

The secondary market offers great value; creates a great opportunity for consumers to buy retail products at big discounts or for resellers to target returned or excess stock.

How and Where Are Amazon Returns Sold?

Much of this merchandise is sold either as individual items on e-commerce liquidation platforms, such as or auction sites such as .

If you’re looking to buy Amazon returns, you can buy in lots of different ways. From individual products, to small bundles of multiple products all the way up to full single pallet loads or even truckloads for trade buyers and resellers.

 How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets

There is a great opportunity in either saving money by getting new products at a discount price or by reselling the returns on resale platforms or offline.

So, how can you get your hands on this liquidation stock from Amazon? Because of the sheer scale of the returns and overstocks inventory volume – the global market is estimated at $2.3 trillion – retailers cannot move all of this stock themselves. As a result they contact secondary market resellers and liquidators, such as Global Sustainable Markets, who can responsibly grade and sustainably resell the stock in a variety of ways, ensuring a zero waste recommerce solution.

Depending on the quality or grade of each product and whether the liquidator needs to move on stock quickly, items are listed in different ways and on a range of platforms.

For example, at GSM, we sell items in the following ways:

  • Our eCommerce site –  – is where consumers can buy new Grade A product at big discounts
  • Online Auction – – is where customers can bid for Grade A & Grade B items; boxed, unused or nearly new and at no reserve prices, so there are great opportunities to secure bargains
  • Trade sales is where customers are able to buy in bulk and at a significant discount, with single pallet auctions listed on

What is Amazon Liquidation?

Anything that a consumer purchases and returns can end up being liquidated. In addition, overstocks and old models can end up being sold off in bulk to third party liquidators. The range of goods that can be returned is huge: toys, consumer electronics, garden equipment, health, fitness or home décor.

GSM offers bulk Amazon returns for sale by the pallet. You can bid for the pallet in one of our auctions. You will be able to see what is in each pallet by viewing the manifest. Also pictures of the stock will be included.

Retail items include clothing, electronics, furniture, health and beauty, pet supplies, tools and baby items.

What makes Amazon return pallets so attractive?

Firstly, Amazon has a huge product range, so you can find items that include home goods, apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, toys, tools, office supplies, sports, fitness and many more. Many of the items will be name-brand merchandise.

This allows many people to start up a reselling side hustle or, in some cases, can lead to someone doing this as a full-time job.

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